Welcome to my home away from home, I am Andrew and I am a Professional photographer in the George South Africa area, I mainly shoot portraits and help out other photographers , to see my latest work check out any of my portfolios on the menu above, or to view my latest article simply click below


Started photography back in 2005, which gives me over 15 years of experience and a love for all things photography, my services are tailored towards not only photography but education as well



Offering mainly portrait session for models as well corporate clients, additionally I also offer family sessions, with my main focus being black and white photography. For bookings contact me below.

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With all my experience in all things related to photography, I offer assignment based education, these assignments are aimed at helping photographers grow as well at the same time offer them a bit of a challenge.

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critic and advice

One of the things I enjoy doing the most is giving advice to other photographers and helping them grow at the same time, critic is something that helps any photographer grow, get in touch for more info

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Latest Blogs

A collation of articles that I have created to showcase random things photography related

shot brake down

 For the love of COMPOSITION  Camera settings and details Camera – Sony A7R3, mounted on a mono pod Lens – Tamron 28-75 F2.8, shot at 75mm F4 Shutter speed – 1/100 ISO – 800 Time of Day – 17:40 Weather – sunny, no wind, scattered clouds Flash – not used Reflector – not used Coffee […]

My most popular photo to date

 Lightning, the random beauty This was one of those one in a life time photos, the pure power and random nature of lighting makes each time it fires off a special moment only showing itself for a fraction of time, to capture this moment you need to be ether lucky or rather well trained in […]