Welcome to my home away from home, I am Andrew and I am a Professional photographer and I.T. specialist in the George South Africa area, I mainly shoot portraits and help out other photographers , to see my latest work check out any of my portfolios on the menu above, or to view my latest article simply click below

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With my extensive I.T. experience and background working as an I.T. specialist along with my professional photography services all round up to make me a one stop shop for most things, down below some services I do offer, though if there is anything that you might need, get in touch maybe I can sort you out or point you in the right direction .



Easy and affordable websites on a budget, everyone needs a place online to showcase the things they do or to showcase the work that they do.

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Middle man service

With the increase of online scams and people trying to take your hard earned money, why not use a ethical middle man to handle all the nitty gritty things for you.

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Assignments and education for photographers

Every photographer should look at improving, every little bit helps, education based on assignments since I found those to be the most fun for learning

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Social Media Marketing

With tech changing and lives changing and all manner of businesses moving online, social media has become the forefront of marketing making sure people see your products and giving them the opportunity to interact with you has become extremely important, so why not start with something simple to get the ball rolling and build your following.

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A collation of articles that I have created to showcase random things photography related

How to create photography packages 101

Photo packages In this section we will cover how to market packages and how to get clients to spend more by offering them more value for money, packages also make marketing easier since you are able to simply market a set package and clients will have a good understanding of what you are offering them, […]

Laowa 100mm F2.8 CA-Dreamer macro lens Review

Laowa 100mm F2.8 CA-Dreamer the good, the not so good and the fluffy This review will cover my experiences from buying the lens all the way to using it for my day to day photography. Disclaimer – I bought this lens with my own cash, this review reflects my own findings , like them or […]