garden exploration

 garden exploration

Over the last weekend I went exploring in my mothers huge garden , hunting down some critters and playing a bit with exposure settings and such learning a bit more about my new camera .

I found out that some of the little critters love to run away when you try to get to close to them , which was a shame though did manage to grab a few of them

Though the magic started happening when my focus was moved toward flowers , seeing as my mothers garden is well stocked with a wide range of flowers this allowed me to grab up some really impressive shots though these shots are no where near award winning they where great practice in figuring out the different settings on my new camera

Though once I nailed the camera settings and such I was able to capture my favorite picture to date , nice and close with the correct lighting and the a bit of fiddling with the ISO and such and I was able to produce this lovely picture of a close up flower

All in all I am extremely happy with the outcome of the weekends random photos , experimenting and working on my own style of photography , better every day that’s the aim

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