Fujifilm XT-100

Well this little camera has been a joy to use, or well will be once I manage to finally have it for myself for a bit of time, a few weeks ago I bought the XT-100, the original idea was to have a cheap little backup camera to use for teaching other more about photography, though I think it has become a bit more.
The first day of having this little camera was a fun one the controls are easy to use, the kit lens was ok as well, though the magic happened once I connected up my professional lenses to the tiny body, to my surprise it delivered quality comparable to my Fujifilm XH-1, not only that but at times the quality would even surpass that of my much more expensive camera.

The biggest thing about the Fujifilm XT-100 would be the user friendly controls and the fun factor of shooting with the camera , in the last 3 to 4 weeks of owning this camera it has been borrowed and used by at least 8 different people, these people range from other professional photographers to artists as well as business owners and they all seem to come to the same conclusion this tiny little camera is a joy to use, from the kit lens being so versatile to the film simulations giving them the look they want and the most fun part the camera links up so great with the Fujifilm app on your phone, this makes it extremely easy to move photos to your mobile device for sharing and posting on social media, hell just look on my own Facebook page and website, you would be surprised at how many photos where taken with the XT-100.
viewing this camera from a beginners view point it makes learning photography much easier as well for the none photographers the point and shoot SR+ mode on the camera works perfectly and makes creating photos and capturing memories so much more fun, the camera also has more advanced modes that work great for learning such as the aperture priority mode or manual mode, also note even when in manual mode you are able to set many option to auto which makes learning manual mode nice and easy, the most fun thing for starter photographers or people just looking to have fun is that out of the box the XT-100 is a great fun camera to use with the keyword being fun, which is why many of us pick up a camera for.

On a more professional level, this tiny little camera works great as a backup camera, links up perfectly with all my fuji gear and flashes not to mention the quality that you are able to get out of this little camera is comparable to much more expensive cameras, for settings though double check and triple check them before you start shooting and also always shoot raw the filter that is on the sensor provides a very vivid image in my experience meaning that I had to drop the color in the Q many as well the shadows a bit to get the look out of camera that works for my work flow, though the most impotent thing about this tiny camera for professional work is the glass you put on the sensor, for working with the 56mm f1.2 lens which when paired up with the XT-100 delivers super crisp photos even the 18-55 delivers super crisp photos, though the kit lens the 15-45 does work ok in some cases the lens itself is a bit to slow sadly which for me was a bit of a problem as I am so use to shooting with fast lenses that I had to make a bit of an adjustment to use the kit lens
overall the camera itself works really great, not just for photography but as a tool for training it has become so useful, the nice thing about using it as a teaching tool is that all the controls are easy to use and easy to teach.

From digging around a bit the XT-100 is powered by a fun CMOS sensor with an interesting Bayer filter, this combo of sensor and filter seem to create a much more sharper image using high quality glass compared to my expensive camera, I think it might have something to do with the filter on the sensor, or perhaps its just a case of something special in a tiny body.

did a fun little video with Adin Walls not that long ago have a look it contains some more information plus it gives a nice brake down of the tiny little camera – https://youtu.be/njp5Lf0dlxY

to check out some more work done with this camera and my XH-1 check out my website – https://andrewbasson.com/

have a good one all and keep having some fun