Assignments and education

Photography assignments

Would you like to understand how to use your gear and at the same time improve your photography skills ?

Well maybe I can help you I am a professional photographer in the George area, I shoot portraits, fashion and sometimes even landscapes.

With the current lock down and such going on the best way I believe to cover education is to provide assignments for photographers to complete then once done provide them with feedback and education to help them improve with editing and composition and all other manner of things, assignments are aimed to challenge photographers and help them look at growing skills, these skills they grow will in turn help them shoot better photos as well allow them to better handle different conditions they might face on a shoot.

Assignments cover things such as :

  • Camera operation and optimal settings
  • Advice on compositions and filters
  • Photographing panoramas for landscapes
  • Long exposure photography for landscapes
  • Working with flash and reflections for portraits
  • Setting up for portrait session
  • Preparing your model or subject for the shoot
  • Natural posing for subject
  • Subject lighting
  • Working with shadows
  • Focusing and focus modes
  • Working with clients and models

Types of assignments

I offer two types of assignments.

The basics assignment which covers the basics and offer challenges more aimed at developing a more general skill and understanding when it comes to most things related to photography, challenging and rewarding

More tailored custom assignment structure for those looking to learn more on something specific, these generally challenge you much more as a photographer as well with these assignments more tailored towards a specific goal they also include video calls and other features that help make the experience much more engaging


Pricing for general assignments are booked at R600 per assignment and R900 for more tailored assignments which also include video calls and such, simply click below to learn more on each assignment type and what is included.

Just something general to get you going.

This assignment is just something general, covering most of the basics and pushing you to expand on them, ideal for photographers looking to learn a bit more and get a challenge out of it, guaranteed to get your creativity working and your skills growing, this includes full critic on the submitted work as well as a run down on mistakes that you made and how to avoid them and tips on how to improve your editing.

Tailored assignments for your specific needs.

This is a more tailored assignment experiences, aimed at challenging you and at the same time help you learn more on the subject that you are interested in, a tailored experience to get those creative juices flowing and your head moving, critic on a tailored assignment is harsh and meant to point out all your mistakes as well as give you advise and teach you how to not make those same mistakes in the feature. If you are up for a real world type challenge this one is for you. This assignment includes full critic no sugar just a nice harsh and to the point style feedback along with detailed brake down on mistakes made and how to correct them, video call available for critic sessions

For bookings

To book yourself a assignment spot simply complete the bellow contact form, remember to include as much detail as possible as well let me know when you would like start with your assignment , or if you just need more info let me know and I will get it sorted out for you.