Charity work and donations


Helping other photographers

Helping the new photographers of today to become the masters of tomorrow, my name is Andrew and most online know me as mister “Hay Man”, my aim and goal is to teach as many new photographers as possible so we can all help build and expand the photography community in South Africa .

 What will donations be used for

Donations no matter what the size will be used 100% towards helping new photographers, ether by providing them with free training and education, skills such as business management, marketing, photo editing and taking proper photos or by assisting those that struggle by providing them with some small bits of gear that could help them along there road to becoming professionals, even something as small as a 5 in 1 reflector set, cheap little bit of gear, could change the entire way a photographer works and grows, or even by providing struggling photographers more tools to achieve the goals they set out to do.

Funds will also go towards hiring industry professionals to provide workshops and educational talks, professionals value the time they have and as such will need compensation for sharing the knowledge they have, free one on one sessions with new photographers as well small dedicated photo walks and Q and A session.

These might not sound like much but every little bit helps a struggling photographer, most do not have access to education or even internet, it is my aim to bring education to those that are not able to go to university, my aim is the small and forgotten photographers that struggle day in and day out, these photographers often do not even get attention when they ask for help from other professionals, only by working together we can help build them up into working professionals that will in turn share what they know with others in the communities they work in, good deeds breed good reactions, hopefully it is a chain reaction that we can get going together.

 My own story

My name is Andrew and I am 34 years old, I have a strong technical background as an IT person, my own photography experience is 100% self thought from trail and error, I did not go to study photography and I did not have any help from other industry professionals, when I was struggling and trying to grow my own skills I received a large amount of backlash from other local photographers trying to put me down and try to get me to leave the industry, after much struggle and making mistakes I have learned a great deal and am now offering other photographers the opportunity to learn from me.

In my time as a photographer I have worked with modelling agencies and have taken photos of professors and other important people, it has not only been a hobby but a passion as well.

In the last bit of time I have been focused towards helping other photographers, funny thing is they call me mister “Hay Man” I miss spelled hey and well now I just run with it, in my time helping photographers I have helped hundreds if not thousands of photographers, everything from advice to one on one sessions to even private workshops and business advice, I think the biggest pleasure is when you see someone you help grow and become a full time working professional photographer, I myself have stopped working towards growing my own photography company to focus more on helping others, odd decision I know though its what makes me happy and one thing I know is that doing something that makes you happy just seems right.

I also enjoy doing charity work, with covid I reached out and helped a good number of charities with photo work and using my photography skills to help them gain funds for helping feeding animals and other charities, one of the largest ones was working with the Cango Wildlife Ranch to help raise funds to feed the animals where I edited and made advertisements for them for 48hrs straight we managed to raise over R100 000 to help feed the animals.

I am the type of person that looks at a problem and trying to help solve it with the skills that I have.

 Some Random shots with students

Random Gallery containing some work with students, everything from Justin’s DIY light reflector for his flash to Fabian crawling on the ground to get the perfect shot, the people and students I help we all share memories and fun times and I feel truly exited to have been able to help and get to know them all, they are all rock stars in the making.


If you have made it this far, huge thank you for considering to donate to help out new photographers, you are not alone, I have also pledged all proceeds I make from selling photos and licenses to also help grow our new friends, down below I will add some donation options any amount is welcome, if you have any questions please get in touch with me .

Andrew Basson
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if you have any gear that you would like to pass forward to someone else feel free to send them to Postnet in George – 118 York St, George, 6530

when you donate please remember to add your email address so that I can send you update emails on how things are going as well so I can pass on any thank you notes from students .

Direct bank EFT donations :
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