Greetings all, it has now been a good couple of months since moving over to Fujifilm from my Nikon gear, thought I should share a couple things I have noticed as well a couple things I would like to compare between the two systems.
To start of with the most important thing for me from a photography company is the support they give you, as I am moving more and more into the professional side of photography having a good support system in place gives me peace of mind as well insures that when I do have a problem that it is something that can be fixed without any trouble, with my old camera system I did in fact get to a point where I had a problem and no matter how much I tried I was not able to get it resolved with them, though on the flip side of things since moving over to Fujifilm I was happily surprised at how fast and reliable the support has been everything from allowing me to test gear so I can have a better understanding of what I am using to technical support when my XT20 stopped working with the WiFi or even that time I almost completely burned the poor sensor to death, with all of those things Fujifilm support has been there every step of the way to ensure that I get resolved what I need resolved .

With great support from a camera manufacturer it give me great peace of mind that no matter what struggles I might have with the gear they provide the support needed which makes moving to more professional work much easier for myself knowing that the manufacturer I am using has my back covered .

In regards to the experience with the Fuji community as a whole I must say they truly do make you feel at home not only that but one can see that the community on their side consists of photographers who love photography everything from sharing knowledge to sharing the work they do all in all they have been much more accommodating compared to some other communities I know of, not only that but when you meet fellow Fuji photographers they are all pleasant and fun people to talk with and I am looking forward to meeting more of them and possibly working with them as well at some point .

Though one of the things I would like to share with everyone is the gear itself, Fuji rock the mirror less camera system which has been a complete 180 change from what I was using, not only that but the electronic viewfinder on the cameras do save so much time as you are able to see what you get before even talking the picture, not only that but the cameras have a boost mode or high performance mode which basically puts your camera on steroids the colors and black and white photos I am able to get with Fujis built in profiles on the camera truly do make taking photos a joy, best of all since swapping over to Fuji my editing has gone down to about nothing since the photos provided straight from the camera are all really pleasing to look at, yes I still miss focus every now and then but all the other times love it, they ever work dam great in low light which is where I normally find myself shooting photos at, with great high iso performance they still have some grain in the photos though the grain feels much more natural

Now the biggest surprise from swapping to Fuji has come from the lenses they provide, I have yet to use a Fuji lens which is bad, they focus super fast they shoot really well and the build quality on them gives me the feeling that I could infect use them as self defense weapons and still be able to take photos when I am done, the camera build quality is also top notch with the two Fuji cameras I currently own I have no complaints

Currently I am shooting with the Fujifilm XT20 as well recently added the Fujifilm XH1 and I must say the XT20 being a older camera still has dam good build quality though the XH1 I feel I might damage the floor if I somehow drop it, that thing is built like a tank and it shows with features as well the XH1 as well the XT20 both are cameras that make me want to shoot more photos,though I should also mention that I also have a old 35mm film camera, just waiting on some fuji 35mm film for it then things should get even more interesting, then I can say that I have shot using all formats fuji has available, seeing as I also had the opportunity to use the new GFX100 medium format camera at a resent Fujifilm event, that camera shoots in a quality that would make anyone happy bit expensive for my blood though

at the end my move to Fuji was inspired by expanding my company though since moving it has become more than just a company investment, I do urge anyone that might be interested in getting a new camera to have a look at what they offer from my side it was money well spent, hell life is to short to be stuck struggling with gear

my future plans will be to produce more quality content and to have more smiling clients though at some point I hope to possibly be more active in the Fuji community itself

hope you all enjoyed this little write up, if you have any questions please leave a comment or get in touch with me, have a good one and keep well

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