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Scammers suck, so why not let me help you buy or trade items safely

Hay all, my name is Andrew and I dislike scammers and people who promise new hardly used gear that turns out to be faulty as hell, I say no to those fully fluffers, let me help you trade with peace of mind by offering you a proper middle man service with a flat rate and no random fees or things like that . Here I will help you when you sell a item or simply when you want to buy a item, we all need a bit of a safer experience.


Attention: All conversations must happen on email and must include admin@andrewbasson.com . All conversations are kept in the event of a dispute. Once a trade has started do not respond to Skype, Discord, Whatsapp or any other third party messages that exclude MiddlemanZA from the conversation, we document and store all emails in the event of a dispute, leaving us out of the loop has a higher risk of not being able to resolve disputes properly

I will never ask the buyer to send money directly to me

 info you might be wondering about

What is MiddlemanZA?

MiddlemanZA offers buyers and sellers a layer of protection when trading goods online. It’s always a question of is this item legit or is this buyer going to scam me, well that’s where MiddlemanZA comes into play, we insure that scammers get left behind, as well we insure items being bought are as described and in working order

MiddlemanZA will hold the item until the buyer pays the seller, once that happens and the funds clear in the sellers account, MiddlemanZA then releases the item to the buyer, if the buyer suddenly refuses to pay or goes against the terms agreed to then the item is shipped back to the seller and the transaction is closed.

MiddlemanZA will never take money for goods directly from the buyer, buyers will always directly pay the seller only, banking details must be verified with MiddlemanZA, as well ID numbers and addresses, failing to clearly verify may result in the trade being canceled due missing details.

How does this protect me as a buyer or seller?

As a seller, you are guaranteed that you will receive payment for your items or goods.
As a buyer, you are guaranteed that you will receive the item or goods in the condition stated by the seller.

What are the fees?

Flat fee for the entire transaction will be R400
Courier costs will be R160 using Courier Guy for all shipments with ID verification upon delivery

Who pays the fee?

Either the buyer or the seller can pay the fee. When you are entering into the transaction, parties must decide who will pay the fees.

What if the transaction goes south?

In the case where a transaction goes south or a problem shows up after the transaction has been concluded, full information will be made available to all parties involved in the transaction, this includes ID documentation, address details and any other information that might be needed to resolve the issue, anyone using the MiddlemanZA service will be made aware that the information will be kept for this reason only, no personal information will be shared with any third parties without the consent of the buyer and seller.

How to know it is me you are talking to 

I will always email you from Admin@andrewbasson.com
my cellphone number will always be 073 742 2464
I admin the SA photography page – https://www.facebook.com/groups/saphotography/
I have my own little facebook page for all my photo stuff – https://www.facebook.com/AndrewBassonZA
my facebook account you can add me on to check if its me – https://www.facebook.com/andrew.s.basson/
my instagram – https://www.instagram.com/andrewbassonza/

I live in George and only use Courier Guy for shipping
I bank with FNB and will never ask you to send payments to anything else
I do not use paypal
I drive a white Ford echo sport with a CAW registration number
if you ask me any photography advice I will always help you no matter what

if anything looks fishy get in contact with me on any of the platforms above and I will get it sorted for you

I will never ask the buyer to send money directly to me

To get things started simply add the email details down below