shot brake down

 For the love of COMPOSITION 

Camera settings and details

Camera – Sony A7R3, mounted on a mono pod
Lens – Tamron 28-75 F2.8, shot at 75mm F4
Shutter speed – 1/100
ISO – 800
Time of Day – 17:40
Weather – sunny, no wind, scattered clouds
Flash – not used
Reflector – not used
Coffee – 4 cups for the day, black and strong

Location – Seven Passes Bridge, George, see second photo for location brake down

Braking down the settings, I try to always keep my shutter speed at or
above 1/100, this helps keep my portraits nice and in focus, as I love coffee
and my hands do tend to be a bit shaky so to also help.

I put my camera on a mono pod to help give me a stable platform to work with, to correctly
expose I had to boost my ISO to 800.

Though shooting on the sony it handles
iso 800 without any problems

Aperture I went with F4, as I am shooting multiple people I had to ensure they where all in focus ad for close intimate shots like this one I had to use F4 as well I had to keep them parallel to the camera and lens, meaning both where standing more or less right next to each other to insure they will be in the same pane of focus

The time of day was chosen as the sun will not be directly on them but rather be blocked semi by the mountain range, meaning with no direct sun that the scene would be filled with natural bounce light only, the blue on the male subject was reflected light from a small blue building behind to the left of the frame, the yellow glow on the female subject came from a close river bed to the bottom left of the frame , see second photo for a visual brake down, on the second photo the red line would be where the subjects where standing, me I was at the yellow line, and the two light sources you can see marked as 1 and 2 with 1 for the male subject and 2 for the female subject


For posing you will see that I had the male subject behind the head of the female subject this ensured that I preserve the blue reflected light on him by blocking the yellow reflected light using the other subject, making a fake 2 light photo possible

For focusing I used the sony built in eye detect auto focus which grabbed focus on the male subject, if I did not have eye detect auto focus i would have used single point auto focus and made sure my focus point was around the nose area for the male subject that would ensure both subject would be in focus

if you have any questions or such, feel free to drop a comment and I will help out where I am able to

 if you have any questions or such, feel free to drop a comment and I will help out where I am able to

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